Münchner Zauberwochen 2017

Rob Zabrecky

One Man Show (in engl. Sprache!)

There’s simply no other magician like Zabrecky. For over a decade, his magically absurdist deadpan humor has delighted audiences from Tokyo to New York City, earning him four awards by the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood. There’s probably more “theatre” in the wonderfully strange Zabrecky magic act than in most Broadway shows— more surprises, musicality, and character. We are more than delighted to present Zabrecky as our guest-star! A unique opportunity not to be missed!

In englischer Sprache!

 “The audience realizes that they like this guy. They’re cheering him on rather than saying, ‘Call Security.’ And that’s what makes it so exciting. Zabrecky is strange, definitely strange. Strange in a way that you’ll never forget.“
Jim Steinmeyer / Magic Historian, Designer & Author

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