The Actors Workout


2 One Act Plays by Anonymus

In englischer Sprache!

There are situations we find ourselves in, where one has to take control. But when all around you are losing their heads, do you keep yours?

Actor’s Workout bring you 2 one act plays focusing on power, position, status and how wills can collide. They are brilliant examples of how the protagonist can enjoy a higher position in life and then lose it, via a warped logic, to a person of lower status. These clever plays create situations which are twisted and spun to the point of insanity, the tension builds to a giddy delight that will keep the audience on tenterhooks. A fight for higher status ensues throughout and both plays finish with an unexpected twist.


Directed by Colleen Burke.

Sarah Hübner, Cristina Richardson
Michael Abts, Peter Bishop.

Veranstalter: The Actors Workout