ems Foto: Sam Trifonova

Ein Gastspiel der ESM Players

The Playwright

Theaterstück (in englischer Sprache)

How many plays by Shakespeare have you seen? One? 10? None? If you have seen some of his plays, you will like The Playwright. If you have not seen any of his plays, The Playwright is for you! It is your chance to find out more about the most famous dramatist and poet of all times. The Playwright is a play all ABOUT Shakespeare.

This comedy will give you insight into facts about Shakespeare that only few people know: how he ended up on the wrong side of the family tree, how he was forced to eat his own script in order to avoid being sent to the Tower and, most of all, where the true coinage of the famous stage direction “Exit, pursued by a bear” really originates.


Well. We may have taken the liberty to amend historical facts a bit here and there, in true Shakespearean manner, so to speak.

Ensemble: ESM Players

Direction: Conny Loder

Assistants: Inga Jaskólksa,  João Espírito Santo Azevedo

Audio & Light: Thomas Hafner

Website: https://esmplayers.com/